Are you taking your trees for granted? It is very easy to do because you think trees are fairly self-sufficient. However, in an urban area, trees really need regular maintenance with the help of a professional, just like your entire landscaping area. Considering all the advantages that trees can offer us including habitat for wildlife, clean air, erosion control, shade of our hones and many more, you may want to care for your tree even better.

1. Shade

What can we say more? In countries with very hot weather, shade is a certain requirement to have a better quality of life. As a matter of fact, trees with larger shade that are strategically planted around our homes can certainly make spending time outdoors more tolerable and it will also save you more money when it comes to your electricity consumption.

2. Cleaner Air

Without plants around us, we can’t breathe. Actually, not only do trees and plants give us oxygen but they also keep it clean. The quality of urban air is certainly a big problem nowadays and trees are also considered as a big solution to these issues. Trees also have the ability to remove air pollutants like carbon monoxide and absorb carbon dioxide too. The trees will then release it as a clean oxygen which all people need to live. So, every time you want to take a clean, good breath, simply think of the wonderful trees around you.

3. Compost and Mulch

When you prune trees, you recycle them into a lot of things including compost and mulch. Shredded trees can also make excellent cedar and hardwood mulch which protects the roots of the trees as well as regulate their temperature. Aside from that, the mulch also composts down to the soil which then adds valuable soil nutrients. Never let your chosen tree service provider leave tree trimmings on the easement of the city or they will just go to the landfill.

4. Food

Trees usually serve double duties as well as providing wildlife and humans with not just shelter and shade, but also food. You definitely can be able to receive more benefits by planting fruit bearing trees even if you leave in an urban area.

5. Security and Privacy

If you’re living on a quite noisy and busy street, chances are the right trees can also reduce the noise. You can also install privacy screen in your landscape if you want to keep your outdoor space private. Aside from having a privacy fence, planting many trees around your property can also be helpful, not to mention you’ll have good quality air in your residential property.

If you’re looking for more ways on how to care for the trees in your commercial or residential property, then it’s best for you to contact a qualified professional tree care or tree service company. Hiring a professional to maintain the health of your trees will surely leave you stress-free and worry-free knowing that all your trees are well taken care of.